Company’s Offer Submission Form


In order to correctly complete the company’s offer submission form we recommend reading the instructions below.

The form must contain the internship conditions:

1.  The number of interns the company accepts.

2. The criteria the students must fulfill: the year of study the students must have completed before applying for the internship, the level of proficiency in English, the level of academic achievements (GPA accepted), majors (disciplines) accepted for the internship, and other criteria specified by the company according to its needs. Organizers encourage companies to prepare internships targeted not only at technical students. Very desirable are offers for students of management, finance, accounting, law, human resources management, i.e. associated with different areas of the company, not only with the core business.

3. The posts they will hold and the framework of their duties (what kind of work are they expected to perform, in which department).

4.  The company’s commitment towards interns:

a) compensation – remuneration: weekly wage that a student will receive, which will cover all costs associated with the stay in the U.S. during the internship, incl. the cost of (a decent) accommodation and full board, commuting as well as various other small expenses, for instance laundry, tickets to cinema or museums etc. Please note that the minimum salary accepted by the organization issuing promissory J-1 visa (the Sponsor) is $ 1,500 per month;

b) providing information and assistance to interns in finding an accommodation, in arranging travel to work, substantive and organizational supervision over  the course of the internship;

c) a contact person, appointed by the company, who is going to cooperate with PAFF/EEF both at the recruitment/ preparation stage as well as during the internship.

d)  covering other costs related to the internship (applicable only if the company expressed willingness to do so) such as: travel expenses to the U.S. and back and/ or program costs related to the certification process for the J-1 Visa (explained here).

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