PAII, like every internship program, generates certain operational costs, such as:

–          Program fee for 1-3 month internship – 1,100 $ – covered by the Organizer;

–           SEVIS fee – 220 $ – covered by the Organizer;

–           J-1 Visa – 160 $ – covered by the Organizer;

–          compensation (weekly or monthly remuneration) – covered by the Hosting Company;

–          intern’s travel expenses (return flight, Poland-US-Poland).

All fees presented as for 2022.

Most of the costs are covered by the Program Organizer. The hosting company is committed to pay intern’s salary, in the amount stated in the Company’s Offer Submission Form („stipend” in training plan DS7002). The U.S. companies can also participate in covering intern’s travel expenses to its location, although it is not required by the Organizers.