Role of the Hosting Company


To participate in the J-1 Intern or Trainee program, the hosting company must be able to provide a structured, practical training experience while abiding by some key program regulations. Because the purpose of the program is to foster professional exchange, it is essential for the hosting company to ensure that the DS-7002 Training/Internship Placement Plan is followed for the duration of the program.

There must be a match between an applicant’s educational background and their potential field of training reflected in the placement plan. Upon completion of the program, the applicant should return to their home country better equipped to meet the unique challenges of their field or profession.

The program is not intended to help companies fill staffing needs. The placement plan that you create should present an understanding of the intern’s needs, not only those of your business.

We understand that certain occupations do demand a familiarity with unskilled activities. Interns are permitted to engage in unskilled activities only if those constitute an industry standard. These phases, though, must be limited in duration and part of an overall plan of development. Any unskilled or clerical activity must be kept to a maximum of 20% of the entire training period.

(based on the description of binding procedures of a Sponsor, i.e. CIEE).