Polish-American Internship Initiative consists of the following stages:

Stage Date
1. Announcement of the Program for companies.
Companies send initial notifications to PAFF and apply for the Program (send Company’s Offer Submission Form to EEF).
2. Recruiting students to the Program:
a) Announcement of the Program for students.
Internship offers are published after receiving applications from companies.
b) The assessment of students’ applications by EEF. December-January
c) The transfer of data on candidates to companies. February
d) Selection of interns by companies. beginning of March
3. J-1 Visa application procedure. Polish students going on summer internship for U.S. companies need to obtain a J-1 visa. Exceptions are the holders of Green Card or U.S. passport. by the end of May
4. Preparation for the internship. May-June
5. Official Program Inauguration – interns‘ meeting in Warsaw. June
6. Implementation of internships. July-August-September