The DS-7002


Completing the DS-7002 is the key part of the process. We encourage hosting companies and participants to discuss their placement plans in detail to ensure a successful experience. The Sponsor’s (see Dictionary) trained and experienced staff is available to help!

Once you have decided to host an Intern or Trainee, you will need to complete a DS-7002 Training/Internship Placement Plan. The DS-7002 is a Department of State form and serves as the official outline of the proposed internship. You will complete the DS-7002 through CIEE’s online portal. Your applicant will share the URL to the online portal when the DS-7002 is ready for completion.

The primary purpose of the DS-7002 is to demonstrate that the Intern/Trainee will be under continuous supervision throughout the course of his or her training, and will progress through various stages of development that are not duplicative of prior work experience. Sponsor will be looking to easily understand what your company does, and the nature of the experience you are offering to the applicant. Additionally, the DS-7002 serves as an agreement between the host organization and the Intern/Trainee about the kind of tasks and objectives that will be completed during the program. Finally, the DS-7002 also demonstrates the correlation between the training and the participant’s background.

The DS-7002 will be reviewed by CIEE, as well as by a U.S. Consular Officer during the applicant’s mandatory visa interview. For this reason, it is essential that you take the time to carefully consider the training you intend to provide.

Completing the DS-7002

Before completing the DS-7002 through our online portal, which your Intern/Trainee will share with you, please read instructions:

Please click here to see an instructional version of the DS-7002.

Please click here to see instructions for using the online DS-7002 portal.

For questions about completing the online DS-7002, contact CIEE Customer Services at or 1-888-369-1620.